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How Corporate Landlords Are Impacting Charlotte's Housing Market

Charlotte has a shortage of affordable housing, and city officials and nonprofit groups are working to address it. Some people say the task is being made more difficult by the actions of Wall Street investors and out-of-state corporations that own thousands of rental homes in the area.

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Michael Tomsic / WFAE

Amid an investigation into election fraud in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, new evidence reported by WECT shows that possible fraud involving absentee mail-in ballots may have happened in Columbus County as well.

Commentary: How Big Data Has Created A Big Crisis In Science

15 hours ago

There’s an increasing concern among scholars that, in many areas of science, famous published results tend to be impossible to reproduce.

This crisis can be severe. For example, in 2011, Bayer HealthCare reviewed 67 in-house projects and found that they could replicate less than 25 percent. Furthermore, over two-thirds of the projects had major inconsistencies. More recently, in November, an investigation of 28 major psychology papers found that only half could be replicated.

A federal appeals court has ruled that the $7 billion Atlantic Coast Pipeline cannot be built across national forest land and the Appalachian Trail.
Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Updated at 8:55 p.m.
A federal appeals court in Virginia has ruled that the $7 billion Atlantic Coast Pipeline cannot be built across national forest land and the Appalachian Trail in west central Virginia.

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles joined Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins Thursday, Dec. 13.
Jennifer Worsham / WFAE

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles said she has not been told about a possible move of the Carolina Panthers' headquarters to South Carolina.

A company that makes home soft drink machines is taking over the long-vacant Michael Waltrip Racing shop off Exit 28 in Cornelius. Lake Norman business recruiters say Sprizzi Drink Company is creating 250 jobs.

A construction company whose employee died after falling out of an elevator has been cited for safety violations.

Charlotte Talks: Mike and the Mayor

20 hours ago

Thursday, December 13th 2018

Mike Collins and Mayor Vi Lyles discuss successful efforts to bring Honeywell’s Corporate Headquarter to town and keep Lending Tree here, as well as news that Charlotte City Council has put off any decision of four-year terms. They'll also look back on 2018 and some of the most notable developments including the mayor’s success in bringing the 2020 Republican Convention to town, and having voters say yes to affordable housing bonds.  

Bladen County voters said people supporting Republican Mark Harris pressured them to vote early, and offered to pick up their absentee by mail ballots.
Steve Harrison / WFAE

It has been another crazy few days in the 9th Congressional District, where the North Carolina Board of Elections is still investigating allegations of fraud in the race between Republican Mark Harris and Democrat Dan McCready. 

WFAE’s political reporter Steve Harrison joined Morning Edition host Lisa Worf to discuss the latest on the story.

Inside his barber shop in Bladenboro, N.C., Rodney Baxley is giving Bobby Simmons a haircut.

The two men are talking about what everyone in this part of the state has been talking about for the better part of the past month: McCrae Dowless, and the operation he was running to get out the vote for Republican Mark Harris in the congressional race in North Carolina's 9th District.


Although the worst of the winter storm has passed through the state, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper is reminding residents to prepare for more severe weather.


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