The organization called Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, credits itself for helping register about 28,000 new voters in North Carolina, and 1.3 million nationwide. The group targets low-income voters who, presumably, will vote Democrat. But the organization's efforts are being attacked by Republican presidential nominee John McCain and North Carolina gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory.

The Race for District 9

Oct 7, 2008

Hayes, Kissell in Another Tight Congressional Race

Oct 6, 2008

Obama Discusses NC Issues

Oct 1, 2008

While John McCain is focusing on other swing states, Barack Obama and running mate Joseph Biden are spending a lot of time in North Carolina. Obama or Biden has visited the state three weeks in a row. On Saturday, Obama addressed about 20,000 people in Greensboro. Afterward, reporter Dave DeWitt of WUNC-FM spoke to Obama about illegal immigration, offshore drilling and why he believes has has a shot at being the first Democratic presidential candidate in 30 years to win the state.

Get-out-the-vote Effort Extends to Jails

Sep 26, 2008

Perdue's Visits to the Queen City

Sep 24, 2008