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The Red Cross is asking for people to donate blood after the organization had to cancel hundreds of blood drives in the southeast because of Hurricane Florence. The organization needs constant donations to keep its supply of blood strong.  

A handful of Anson County families were able to return home Tuesday morning after a scare from a breached dam. A dam owned by B.V. Hedrick Gravel and Sand in Lilesville failed Monday and multiple households were evacuated.

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Many Charlotteans are back to work Monday after a weekend of rain from Hurricane Florence. The National Weather Service reported the city got about 7 inches of rain over the weekend.

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David Johnson says he's ready for whatever Tropical Storm Florence brings to Chester, SC.

“Well we always have a preparedness in the house for all the emergency equipment," Johnson, 66, says between drags of a cigarette.  "I could probably supply half this town with what I have at my house.”

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Charlotte area dialysis centers are preparing to take on patients evacuating the coasts. People who have kidney disease need to have this life sustaining treatment, which cleans a patient’s blood every few days.  

As Hurricane Florence is expected to drop as much as 30 inches of rain on parts of the Carolinas, farmers are rushing to get their crops out of the ground and into storage.

National Hurricane Service

As Hurricane Florence nears the Carolinas, health officials are encouraging people to make sure they have all of their medicines.

An example of a sexual assault kit.
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Two weeks ago, WFAE reported hospitals weren’t being reimbursed for sexual assault exams, according to the nurses at those hospitals. Now, the federal government is reviewing whether North Carolina is correctly following the Violence Against Women Act.  


There is one plastic surgery procedure that has more deaths than any other — a butt lift surgery that has become increasingly popular in recent years. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is so concerned about the rising deaths from botched procedures that the group put out a rare and urgent warning.

Sexual Assault Kits
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WFAE’s She Says podcast found that all sexual assault survivors don’t have equal access to evidence kits. A little more than half of the 121 hospitals registered to the state have programs and kits. But now, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners at some of those hospitals say the state hasn’t been reimbursing them for the services they provide victims for more than a year.