Cooper, Spellings, Moore Headline Higher Ed Symposium In Charlotte

Oct 3, 2017

Governor Roy Cooper, House Speaker Tim Moore, and UNC System President Margaret Spellings will be in Charlotte on Wednesday for a symposium on pressing issues in higher education. 

Higher education institutions face the challenge of meeting the ever increasing technical demands of the workplace. Closing the gap between the preparation of college graduates and the workers that industries need will be a focal point of the symposium. Panelists include the head of the state’s community college system and the co-chair of the Senate Higher Education Appropriations Committee.

They will also delve into finding ways to make colleges more affordable and attract more first-generation college students. In the past Spellings has talked about using online courses and community college as a gateway to a four year degree for these students.

The forum is organized by the Higher Education Works Foundation and will be held at CPCC’s Pease Auditorium at 6 p.m.