Defeated Mayoral Candidate To File Complaint Against Rock Hill Schools

Nov 2, 2017

William "Bump" Roddey

William "Bump" Roddey has vowed to file an ethics complaint against Rock Hill Schools after losing Tuesday's runoff for Rock Hill mayor.

The York County councilman says the school should not have robocalled or emailed parents the night before the election.

Neither the call nor the email endorsed any candidate. Rather, they gave general information about the election and encouraged parents to visit their polling locations before taking kids trick-or-treating.

Roddey says he believes the call was inappropriate and that it "definitely" swayed the election.

"We were shocked that the school district would be getting involved in any local political issue, especially since there was not any type of referendum on the ballot," Roddey says, "We don't know who all the calls went out to, we don't know the number of calls, we don't know who didn't get the call. It raises a lot of questions as to why the school district would even get involved."

Roddey also says he has children in the school district, and that he's never received similar election reminders before.

A spokesman for Rock Hills Schools said the school system has regularly disseminated election reminders with robocalls and emails dating back to 2012. The spokesman said if someone hadn't received prior notifications, the school system may simply not have their up-to-date contact information.

Roddey lost Tuesday's runoff to John Gettys, a local real estate attorney. According to unofficial results, Gettys received 52 percent of the vote. Roddey garnered 48 percent.