Keeping Watch On Air Quality

Mar 1, 2016

Part of an artist’s job is to help us see our world in different ways. Now, thanks to the marriage of art and technology, we can see the unseen pollution all around us, pollution that can have a negative impact on your health and well-being. And believe it or not, this environmental art work is actually quite beautiful. That work is coming to Charlotte and we hear all about that and an on-going conversation about environmental issues facing us.

Particle Falls is on display on the side of UNC Charlotte’s Center City building March 4 through April 23.

Video: Preview of Particle Falls: Seeing Is Breathing (when the installation was in Pittsburgh)

Keeping Watch on Air website

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Andrea Polli– artist and professor of Art and Ecology, University of New Mexico. She’s the creator of Particle Falls, a public art projection that displays invisible particle pollution in real time. 

Brian Magi– assistant professor of Atmospheric Sciences at UNC Charlotte.

Jefferson Ellinger – associate professor of Architecture at UNC Charlotte.