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Sarah Delia WFAE

For over two decades, a Charlotte man has had a successful music career singing throughout the city. But, it’s not his songs he’s best known for but those of Elvis Presley.

Charlotte can’t seem to get enough of Rene Escarcha, better known as Renelvis. And the Filipino native is grateful for the Elvis inspired career he’s had. 

But as WFAE’s Sarah Delia found, walking a mile in Elvis’ blue suede shoes is both a blessing and a curse.

Lara Americo

You've probably wondered at some point in your life—what would it be like to be a rock star?

One woman in Charlotte is giving that chance to other women, some of whom have never picked up an instrument before in their lives.

As the mother of an almost six-year-old boy of color, choreographer Christal Brown thinks a lot about what it means to be a black teenager and a black man in America.

“We live in a small town in Vermont,” Brown says. “My son knows he’s brown. He knows his racial identity is black. But he doesn’t yet know what the social implications of his blackness are.

Renata Pavam

The Dance Theatre of Harlem company performs in Charlotte this weekend at the Knight Theater. The 47-year-old dance institution is comprised of people of color from around the world.

WFAE’s Sarah Delia got a sneak peak of the show and spoke to two dancers who say they were drawn to this particular group because of its talent and history.

Sarah Delia WFAE

Over ten years ago, Frank Warren was a small business owner living in Maryland.  He wanted to find a way to connect strangers with one another through an art project. The rules were simple. On a postcard people anonymously mailed him a secret they’ve never shared before—and they still do. It’s become a huge success known as PostSecret.

Normally when we interview filmmakers, we would play sound of their movies to give you a taste of their work. But we can’t do that for Petter Hutton. He’s still making silent films, which he admits is a tough job the older he gets, especially with younger audiences.

“In this day and age, you kidding me?” Hutton says.  “You know I’ve had so many different interesting reactions from young people with iPods, listening to music during the films.”

A legendary singer, songwriter, and composer is in town to perform his music from the big screen with the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. WFAE’s Sarah Delia chatted with Randy Newman before his visit to Charlotte.

The Charlotte Museum of History

Two Charlotte nonprofits will combine organizations. The Charlotte Museum of History and Historic Charlotte announced Wednesday that the groups are merging.

Sarah Delia

A Goodyear tire service building was given a second, albeit temporary, life earlier this year as it awaited demolition. The property’s owner Crescent Communities handed the keys over to some Charlotte artists. They were supposed to be out by now, but they got an extension. WFAE’s Sarah Delia has this update on the tire shop turned art space.

Amy Rainey / Charlotte Observer

Local music fans in Charlotte this weekend are losing an old friend: Tremont Music Hall, which is closing after 20 years.

Penny Craver founded the club in 1995, in an old industrial building on West Tremont Avenue in Charlotte’s South End. Since then, it has hosted a long list of big names, both before and after they found success, from Green Day to John Mayer to metal band Primus. It’s also where many local bands got their starts.