Commentary: The Unifying Panthers

Feb 5, 2016
File photo / WFAE

The Panthers' successful season has this WFAE commentator thinking about the importance of unity, both around a sports team and nationally. 

My daughter knows nothing about the scandal surrounding Bill Cosby and the recent news of his decade-old deposition where he admits to drugging women. All she knows is that it’s been a while since we last watched the Huxtables.

Commentary: To Everything There Is A Season

Jan 2, 2015

One of my favorite stories about my mother’s early days as a nurse concerns the patient who wanted a different nurse. Forty years ago my mother’s brown skin was a bit unusual in my hometown of Anchorage, Alaska. In the hospital where she worked, she may have been the only non-white nurse. One day the head nurse assigned her to care for a dying man.

It's Time For A New Campaign Ad

Oct 21, 2014
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It would be the answer to prayer if Election Day arrived before Halloween. Campaign advertising has reached a new low. Never before has character assassination been so perfected. I'm all for getting the truth out about a candidate, but this election year I am having a hard time separating the truth from truth that has been stretched, twisted and repackaged.

What are we to think of candidates whose campaign engages in half-truths and downright deception? Do we reward them with our vote or punish them by not voting at all?

City of Charlotte / City of Cincinnati

On Sunday, the Carolina Panthers take on the Cincinnati Bengals in what’s being called the "Queen City Bowl." Here are some suggestions for alternative names for the matchup.

Commentary: Thanksgiving 1963

Nov 22, 2013

Thanksgiving 1963 was a somber occasion because of the assassination of President Kennedy the previous week. Commentator Gus Succop says his death made Thanksgiving especially important that year. He also learned a lifelong lesson that day.

Many of us still remember exactly where we were on November 22, 1963.  I was in fifth grade.  After gym that day, our PE teacher told us the news: the president had been shot.  We looked at each other as if our teacher had just spoken to us in Swahili.  That weekend, our family ate every meal in front of our black-and-white television set.

We sometimes hear pundits talk about a lack of civility in American politics. Scott Hicks of Charlotte agrees there’s a problem, but he thinks something is missing in that discussion. So, he addressed it in this commentary.

Reading and watching the media over the past few weeks, especially as the federal government began to shutdown, I was more mindful than ever that many you who I care for are “Tea Partiers,” or close kin of the same.

Commentary: Homecomings Are Important

Oct 7, 2011
File photo / WFAE

Photo:WFAE commentator Gus Succop.

Thomas Wolfe famously wrote that you can never go home again. I disagree. "Going home" is both possible and necessary. Every autumn homecomings are planned at colleges, high schools and churches, and every fall alumni, families and friends do whatever is necessary in order to go home.

Telling The Story Of A Slave

Sep 27, 2011

Nicole Moore has an unusual job. She's a 30-year-old African American woman who spends her days dressed up as a slave and often does the work of slaves on a cotton plantation. She's a slave interpreter. Up until last week she worked at Historic Brattonsville in York County, but she's moving to Florida soon to do the same work there. For her, it's not a job, but a calling.

Be wary of media's financial reporting

Apr 28, 2009

Financial advice is easily available. Problem is, there's a lot of bad advice. WFAE commentator Martha Catt says that's especially true with the advice proliferated in the media.