Back in the 1950’s the Cold War brought with it elementary school air raid drills, gas masks in many homes, and the rise of a bunker mentality. Recent natural disasters from Hurricane Katrina to Sandy Hook as well as the 911 attacks have created a new generation of survivalists. They call themselves Preppers and there are hundreds of groups around the country, worldwide conferences and even television shows. We’ll meet the head of a national Prepper organization, a woman committed to teaching other woman to become survivors and a local Prepper.

Superstions And Why We Believe Them (Rebroadcast)

Sep 13, 2013

 Are you superstitious? Do you dread Friday the 13th? Do you avoid walking under ladders? Feel funny about black cats crossing your path? Do you ever keep your fingers crossed? Even if you're not superstitious, do you ever wonder how the belief that those things are unlucky came to be? Well, we did, and so we're going to find out. Knock on wood, you won't break any mirrors before Charlotte Talks, Friday, Sept. 13. 

Comic-Con is this week in San Diego, the largest comic book and pop culture convention in the world. Tens of thousands of self-identified "geeks" will gather with like-minded fans to talk about and even dress like their favorite characters from movies, video games, comics and more. Why? Well, our guests today say it may be therapeutic. They are psychologists and geeks themselves who are headed to Comic-Con to present a panel on "Geek Therapy: How Superheroes Empower All of Us." While some geeks may be bullied or feel marginalized because of their passions, our guests are using 'geek culture' in a positive and affirming way to connect with their clients - whether through science-fiction, fantasy, video games, comics or technology. One of our guests has written a comic book featuring a superhero who has Asperger's. We'll talk about the prevalence of geek culture, the psychology behind superheroes, the therapeutic value of comics, the merit of playing video games and more, when pop culture and psychology collide. We geek out, when Charlotte Talks.

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We'll meet the author of a new book about the 100-year-old feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys. The families, who famously battled for generations in southern Appalachia, may have begun their feud over a bunch of pigs. No matter the true origin of the battles, the families have captured the imaginations of people across the country for years and the story of the feud has more recently been chronicled in documentaries, TV miniseries and several books. We'll talk with the author of a book on the Hatfields and McCoys with some new takes on their revenge story, when Charlotte Talks.

Charlotte Talks has been going strong for over thirteen years; knock on wood. Luckily the 13th year was a good one even though that’s an unlucky number. Our fingers are crossed for more good years on the show but we’ll avoid walking under ladders or crossing near black cats just to be safe. Yes, we are superstitious. Isn’t everyone? We’ll look at well-known superstitions and why we keep them on the next Charlotte Talks. Good thing it’s scheduled on the 11th. Eleven is a lucky number.

There is a storied part of Southern Culture that some revere and others ridicule: debutante society. The holiday season is also one of debutante balls where young women of the upper crust make their debut as legitimate members of grown-up society. The practice dates back to earlier times and - despite the changes wrought by modern times - continues. A closer look at why debutante society was important in the past and why it continues when Charlotte Talks.

Erin Keever

There are dog lovers all over the region but our guests today take dog ownership to a very big degree. We’ll meet two people who breed, train and judge dogs for shows. We’ll learn what goes into the making of a champion dog, why pure breeds are so important to the dog show world, breeding practices and more. We’ll also be joined by a couple of four legged guests and you will actually hear from them. Dog shows are common in the area and we’ll learn more.

Real Life Ghostbusers And Costume Culture

Oct 31, 2012
Carolina Paranormal Society

Part One: Carolina Paranormal Society. On this Halloween edition of Charlotte Talks, when something goes bump in the night and you can't explain that strange noise in the basement, who you going to call? The Carolina Paranormal Society! This non-profit organization of real life "Ghostbusters" researches and investigates evidence of paranormal phenomenon using scientific methods. We'll talk with the founders of the Carolina Paranormal Society about what they've seen and why they belive.