Ritz-Carlton Charlotte


Two CIAA leaders weighed in with differing accounts of why the conference was seeking bids from other cities to host its annual basketball tournament.

Fayetteville State University

The CIAA conference, the nation’s oldest African-American sports conference, made a surprising announcement yesterday for many in Charlotte. It’s seeking bids to host its basketball tournament elsewhere beginning in 2021.

North Carolina's attorney general is threatening to sue the Ritz-Carlton in uptown over what the hotel called a "CIAA service charge." Some customers upset about the charge had a different name for it: "a black tax."

Courtesy of Patrice Wright

It’s not often a picture of a bar receipt goes viral. But then again it’s not often a hotel bar adds an automatic surcharge that’s being called by some a ‘Black Tax.’

The receipt is from the Ritz-Carlton in uptown, and that extra charge was levied during the recent CIAA basketball tournament.