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Rebecca Holt

A judge is ordering North Carolina election officials not to finalize November ballots while she receives more information about lawsuits filed by two judicial candidates.  Both candidates have sued to have their party affiliation included next to their name on the ballots. 

South Carolina Electric and Gas

Monthly bills for South Carolina Electric and Gas customers will be lower for a while.  On Monday a judge allowed a temporary rate cut of 15 percent to take effect.

Secretary of Education Betsy Devos.
Gage Skidmore

U.S. Education Department Secretary Betsy DeVos is pushing rules that will make it harder for students defrauded by for-profit colleges to get their federal loans forgiven. About 5 percent of North Carolina students attend such institutions. Numerous for-profit schools have closed without much warning in recent years or are set to close, including the Regency Beauty Institute, Charlotte School of Law, ITT Technical and the Art Institute of Charlotte.

Each year, Dylan Jennings harvests wild rice from the lakes and rivers near his home in northern Wisconsin. He and a partner use a canoe, nosing carefully through rice beds and knocking rice kernels into the boat's hull using special sticks.

"It's a really long process," he says. "It starts with identifying the area where you are going to go ricing and knowing those areas in a very intimate way."

American Beauty Garden Center

A man was shot and killed early Monday morning by the owner of a gardening store after police say the man broke into a building off Independence Boulevard.

North Carolina General Assembly

North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper and other opponents of legislative Republicans filed a flurry of late-hour lawsuits Monday to block referendums on constitutional amendments and to let a Supreme Court candidate disclose his party affiliation on ballots.

vote here sign
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Fifteen counties finally have early voting plans after the North Carolina Board of Elections settled local disagreements over them on Sunday. Gaston and Durham counties' plans include Sunday voting.

Campden FB

NASCAR chief executive and chairman Brian France has taken an “indefinite leave of absence” after being charged for driving while intoxicated and criminal drug possession in Long Island, N.Y., Sunday night. 

Deputies say a 9-year-old boy running a lemonade stand in Monroe was robbed at gunpoint on Saturday. The boy told the Union County Sheriff's Office a male teenager with a camouflage hat and black shirt placed a black handgun to his stomach, demanded money, and then fled on foot.  He was robbed of $17.

Cole del Charco

It’s been an offseason of turmoil for Carolina Panthers management with workplace misconduct allegations against now former owner Jerry Richardson. New owner David Tepper has brought change, and there are indications more change is coming.