Making The Grade

A three-part series on North Carolina's controversial school grading system.

Jennifer Lang / WFAE

In this installment of Finding Home, we look at decisions that have contributed to Charlotte's affordable housing crises.

Kids Eat Free
Sarafina Wright

For the second year in a row, kids in the Charlotte area can eat free this summer at an Atrium hospital.



Ninth Congressional District candidate Dan McCready often talks about the role his company has played in expanding solar energy in North Carolina. 

But a Republican super PAC -  the Congressional Leadership Fund - has attacked McCready for his company’s investments in solar farms built by a company that has bought parts from China.

In a rugged canyon in southern Wyoming, a helicopter drops nets over a pair of coyotes. They're bound, blindfolded and flown to a landing station. There, University of Wyoming researchers place them on a mat. The animals stay calm and still while technicians figure out their weight, age, sex and other measurements. Graduate student Katey Huggler fits the coyotes with tracking collars.


It's time for another preview of the Weekend In Entertainment. Festivals, food and plenty of fun to look forward to on this Father's Day weekend in Charlotte. Joining All Things Considered host Mark Rumsey to talk about it is QCity Metro Managing Editor Katrina Louis.

Durag Festival
Durag Festival

Jimi Thompson, known as Dammit Wesley, hears a lot of negative things about Charlotte. Like how the city has no culture, just condos. Last year, he set out to prove the critics wrong with the inaugural Durag Festival.

tap water
Steve Johnson / Flickr

FLINT, Mich.— Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel says "justice delayed is not always justice denied." But not everyone is pleased with her staff's decision to drop criminal charges against eight people in the Flint water scandal while investigators keep digging.

White House Press Secretary Stepping Down

Jun 13, 2019
Sarah Huckabee Sanders
White House

President Donald Trump says his longtime ally and press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leaving the White House at the end of the month.

Malcolm Graham
Jessa O'Connor / WFAE

Former City Council member and state Senator Malcolm Graham said Thursday that he will run for the council's District 2 seat this fall.

Updated at 5:45 p.m. ET

Presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway has repeatedly criticized Democratic candidates in her official capacity in violation of the Hatch Act and should lose her job, according to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel.

The OSC, which oversees federal personnel issues, issued a stinging report Thursday, calling Conway "a repeat offender."


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