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Residents Of Tent City Leave Lot Before Deadline -- And Move Across The Street

People living in tents on a vacant lot off 12th Street just northeast of uptown cleared out ahead of a 5 p.m. Friday deadline to leave the property. But most didn’t go far.

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State regulators and environmentalists have reached an agreement with chemical maker Chemours that adds new requirements for preventing contamination of the Cape Fear River.

Friday, Aug. 14, 2020

The Hawthorne Lane bridge has concrete issues – in more ways than one. The RNC announces its plans for the Charlotte convention. The North Carolina High School Athletic Association delays all sports, many into 2021, as school districts across the state, including CMS, prepare for online school starting next week.

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NC Department of Public Safety

We’ve grown accustomed to reading North Carolina’s daily coronavirus numbers, but those can be misleading. Here's a look at what the state’s overall trends show.

It's a nondescript, utilitarian room in the bowels of a sports arena. The presidential nomination is on the line. Aides to three candidates still in the contest are haggling with convention staff over who speaks when, will their biographical videos be shown, whose office space is nearest the floor. It's a political junkie's dream. It could be real. But it's not. This is how it played out in a 2012 episode of NBC's prime-time drama The West Wing.


Superintendent Earnest Winston kicked off this school year with a message about the quest to combat structural racism in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

"We are at the fork in the road," he said. "We are choosing to actively fight against racism."

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Most college students haven’t been in a classroom since spring break. As these students get ready to start college, COVID-19 continues to change the way they learn, socialize and interact.  

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President Trump stoked an untrue conspiracy theory being promoted by supporters — and his campaign — that Sen. Kamala Harris of California is not eligible for the vice presidency.

The Democrat was born in California and therefore qualifies for the job.


Three weeks ago, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Earnest Winston announced a new advisory group that would determine when schools return to in-class instruction.  

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A Mecklenburg County judge says the city of Charlotte and CMPD do not immediately have to release contracts and other public records detailing spending on this month's Republican National Convention. 

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Joe Biden is calling for everyone in the United States to wear a mask, well into the fall.

"Every single American should be wearing a mask when they're outside for the next three months, at a minimum," Biden said Thursday afternoon in remarks in Wilmington, Del. "Every governor should mandate mandatory mask-wearing. The estimates by the experts are it will save over 40,000 lives."


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