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Anti-Abortion Groups May Sue Over New Noise Restrictions

Local anti-abortion groups are considering filing suit after the Charlotte City Council voted to limit amplified sounds outside medical facilities, such as a heavily-protested women's clinic in east Charlotte.

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Courtesy of Ed Currie

On a patch of farmland down in South Carolina, a man named Ed Currie grows the hottest peppers on Earth. The Guinness Book of World Records says so – they’ve certified his pepper called the Carolina Reaper as the hottest ever measured. During this episode I try some sauce made from those peppers. It’s called Chocolate Plague. I’m relieved to still be here to tell you about it.

DSS Minutes Missing In NC County Under Fire For Unlawful Child Seizures

14 hours ago
North Carolina Judicial Branch

Several months of meeting minutes and agendas at the Cherokee County Department of Social Services board are missing from the county’s files, Carolina Public Press has learned after filing a routine records request.

protesters at Charlotte City Council meeting

In an 8 to 3 vote, the Charlotte City Council approved changes to the city’s noise ordinance.

One of the most controversial changes involved amplified sound. Now amplified sound will be banned within 150 feet of schools, places of worship, and medical facilities—including A Preferred Women's Health Center of Charlotte, a heavily protested abortion clinic on Latrobe Drive.

Charlotte Talks: A North Carolina Political Update

18 hours ago

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

It's an update on summer politics in North Carolina. First, a decision on Charlotte City Council's noise ordinance vote. Then a look at the North Carolina General Assembly and budget negotiations. Where we stand on North Carolina's gerrymandering case in the Supreme Court, and a preview of this week's Democratic presidential debates.

NC's Linville Gorge Is Breathtaking - And Dangerous

22 hours ago
Jeremy Markovich / Our State Magazine

The Linville Gorge is about a two-and-a-half hour drive from Charlotte, and it’s one of North Carolina’s most breathtaking places. It’s also extremely unforgiving, even for experienced hikers, climbers, and adventurers. As part of our partnership with Our State magazine, Jeremy Markovich brings us the story of one man’s 7-hour rescue — one that shows just how intense it can get when something goes wrong.

Anyone who has tried to shop around for hospital services knows this: It's hard to get prices in advance.

President Trump signed an executive order Monday that he says would make such comparisons easier, and make the pricing process more transparent.

CMPD vehicle
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Police say they’ve arrested a 15-year-old in a weekend rape case in Charlotte’s University City area. 

Anthonio Latoranodo Orr
York County Sheriff's Office

YORK, S.C. — Authorities arrested a man on dozens of criminal counts after finding pit bull dogs chained to car axles buried in the ground on a South Carolina property.


Monday, June 24, 2019

Charlotte City Council votes Monday night on controversial changes to the noise ordinance. Members of council talk about the controversy and the concern.

David Boraks / WFAE

There's a good chance you've heard the voice of Pamela Wideman in stories for Finding Home, our series in which we look at affordable housing in the Charlotte region. Wideman is the director of housing and neighborhood services for Charlotte. She joined WFAE’s Marshall Terry to discuss successes, challenges, and strategies in addressing Charlotte's affordable housing crisis.


A Snapshot of Music Photographer Daniel Coston

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