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Paintings From an Internet Meme


Thank you, Mr. Krulwich, once again, for saving our bacon. Somebody out there on the Emergency Krulwich Board, set her back to zero. You're up to 12 days, Laura Conaway!

LAURA CONAWAY: You know, I changed it from 11 to 12 this morning at about four a.m.

STEWART: So, we both jinxed it!

CONAWAY: I worked really hard on it that, too. I was never very good at bubble letters, and the kind of two we make - the numbers we make - we make are not unlike bubble letters, so I really put my heart and soul into that.

STEWART: Well, we appreciated it, anyway.

CONAWAY: Now I can put my heart and soul into a bubble letter one. Thank you, Robert Krulwich.

STEWART: Laura Conaway edits our blog, and she's in studio to walk us through some of the tidbits we have online.

CONAWAY: One of the cool tidbits we have online actually comes from my friend Ian Chillag, who's sitting in the chair over here. Ian, speak!

CHILLAG: Good morning, blog. How're you doing?

STEWART: How are you doing? Tell us what's coming up.

CHILLAG: Doing well. Well, I put together a slide show with some images by a painter, Jeremiah Palecek, who we had on the show last week. And this is a guy who takes Internet memes, those kind of YouTube videos that we forward and forward and love, like the reporter who was in the bucket of grapes and fell down, or the dramatic chipmunk. And he actually does oil paintings of these. You know, you think about these things differently when they're in a kind of video form, which is this really, kind of disposable medium. And when he paints them, I found myself really finding the dramatic chipmunk beautiful in a way.

STEWART: I love the dramatic chipmunk.

CHILLAG: Yeah. So, what we've done is sort of take screen shots of those images, and juxtaposed them with his paintings.

STEWART: He has a new one, though?

CHILLAG: Yeah, he does, one that was not yet complete when he was on our show last week. I don't know if you're familiar with the "I Like Turtles" zombie kid, one of my favorite all-time videos.

CONAWAYS: I like turtles. That guy?

CHILLAG: Yes, that's the guy exactly.

STEWART: I like turtles.


STEWART: I like turtles, too.

CHILLAG: Yeah, and it's a beautiful painting.

STEWART: Of the "I Like Turtles" kid. All right, we'll look for that in the blog later on today. We also have some helpful news you can use on the blog.

CONAWAY: Yeah, we do. We opened up a thread yesterday, "what's your cure for a hangover?" And I'm happy to say the BPP crowd was more than willing to weigh in on that.

STEWART: It's true, there's somebody in this NPR studios, who shall remain nameless, who could use some of these cures this morning. Someone who enjoyed St. Patrick's Day...

CONAWAY: A little much.

STEWART: A little much.

CONAWAY: Alison, you want to read the first one?

STEWART: Sure. This one is - should I do Jane's?

CONAWAY: Go for it.

STEWART: "Dry toast, two pickles, and Pellegrinos, and four to five pillows in order to remain upright."

CHILLAG: I agree with the bubbly water, though. I think that's key.


CONAWAY: The bubbly is pretty good, isn't it? Dan Pashman out there swears by melted cheese. He says melted cheese fixes anything. He's not a commenter here. I'm just saying.

CHILLAG: I think dairy plus alcohol is just bad news.

STEWART: I hear often "hair of the dog that bit you." First thing in the morning.

CONAWAY: There you go. Here's some advice from Charlie. Says, "To get over a hangover in the morning, I used to drink a lot of water." Yeah. He says, "When I was in Tokyo, someone suggested I drink a bottle of Pocari Sweat."

CHILLAG: Yeah, it's good stuff.

STEWART: "Before I go to sleep to avoid a hangover." Is that - have you had this?


STEWART: What is that?

CHILLAG: It's an energy drink.

CONAWAY: Charlie says it works.

STEWART: Oh, it's like Gatorade.

CHILLAG: Yeah. You're getting salt and sugar into your body, basically. It's not actual sweat.

CONAWAY: Well, the reason we put this in the blog is not just to entertain ourselves. We're actually going to have a doctor in in our next hour to walk us through some of these hangover remedies and cures, and tell us what really can help you out if you went out and you enjoyed St. Patrick's Day just a wee bit too much last night.

STEWART: So, we're going to get past the pickles, dry toast and Pellegrino, you think?

STEWART: Yes. I don't know, maybe he'll say that's good. Bubbles and salt? Who knows?


STEWART: We're also going to open a more serious thread late today, right?

CONAWAY: Yeah, we know how to be serious. We're going to do a little open mic later in the week on the economy. There's so much news on the economy right now that I don't know who can really keep it all straight or who understands everything that they need to understand. So, we're going to open a thread for a guest later on this week. Any questions you have about the economy, come, check it out, post them, and we'll throw it into the mix.

STEWART: Yeah. Weak dollar? Do you want to know what Bear Stearns did in the first place? Do you want to know why they got bailed out? Did JPMorgan Chase get a great deal?

CONAWAY: Where did the money go?

STEWART: Where did the money go?

CHILLAG: Can I have some money?

STEWART: Any of those questions, fair game on our blog. That posting will go up later on today. Ian and Laura, thanks a lot!


CONAWAY: Thanks for having us.

STEWART: And that's it for this hour of The Bryant Park Project. I'm Alison Stewart. We do thank you for listening in now. Now, you can go to a meeting, any kind of meeting you want to, any time, you can stand, have a donut, whatever. This is The Bryant Park Project from NPR News. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.