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Meet The Jazz Audience: Suzanna and Sona Moushijian

Suzanna and Sona Moushijian went on the hunt for an autograph from composer Maria Schneider -- and got one.
Suzanna and Sona Moushijian went on the hunt for an autograph from composer Maria Schneider -- and got one.

We're continuing our Meet The Jazz Audience series at the CareFusion Newport Jazz Festival this weekend, where Blogger Supreme Lara Pellegrinelli wandered the grounds, interviewing members of the crowd. For more coverage of the festival, including full concert downloads, visit NPR.org/newportjazz. --Ed.

Suzanna and Sona Moushijian
Town: Glastonbury, Conn.

What's that you're unwrapping?
Sona: It's Maria Schneider. It's called Sky Blue.

Oh, so you're waiting for Maria [Schneider] to see if she'll autograph it. Are you a fan?
Sona: I only just saw her for the first time, but it was wonderful. My mom's heard her before. She finds jazz music and I find other music and then we share.
Suzanna: Music is nothing if you don't share it. But so is everything else. Once it's shared, it starts a journey. With each person, it can take on a different story.

So what do you think of the festival so far?
Suzanna: This is the best event of our year. If she and I are around and alive, we'll be here. It just wakes you up. It‘s more than pleasant. It's just wonderful. We do go to jazz festivals in Hartford and at Tanglewood, but this one is by far the best.

Well, it is sort of the mack daddy of jazz festivals.
Suzanna: You have everything -- the location…
Sona: Isn't it the biggest?
Suzanna: It's the oldest one and you get the cream of the crop. You can hear all kinds of music here, which is excellent because it breaks all the rules for me. Soma writes about it -- she can write what she hears, about her feelings with music.

Do you mean that she journals about it?
Sona: I want to be a writer, like writing novels. I also want to be an artist: a painter, a sculptor, everything in one. My mom gives me jazz music and that makes me draw differently than if I listen to classical music or rock or something like that. It always helps me think of things to draw.

Oh, look out -- Maria is getting away!
Soma: Maria -- would you sign this?
Maria: Sure, I'd be happy to.
Suzanna: I don't like very much big band music, but you're special. I'm sure you hear that a lot. It's excellent, excellent. Thank you, thank you!

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