A line of customers waits Dec. 4, 2019, outside the new Lidl on Monroe Road in southeast Charlotte
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German Discount Grocer Lidl Opens First Store In Charlotte

The German supermarket chain Lidl opened its first store in Charlotte on Wednesday morning. The opening is part of a trend of more discount supermarket chains in Charlotte.

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North Carolina officially kicks off the 2020 campaign with the opening of candidate filing for hundreds of elected positions such as governor and U.S. senator, in the state legislature and on the courts.

Jasmine Johnson and her family now have a rental house in west Charlotte.
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One of Charlotte's biggest housing stories this year has been the effort to find homes for hundreds of displaced residents at Lake Arbor apartments in west Charlotte.

I follow a strange Twitter account called – well, I should stop there. I follow a lot of strange Twitter accounts. But the one I want to talk about today is called Year Progress.


NASSAU, Bahamas — Charlotte and Buffalo are headed to the Bahamas Bowl on Dec. 20.

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Ten people were shot on Canal Street near New Orleans' French Quarter early Sunday morning, according to police. NPR affiliate WWNO reports that shooting victims were taken to University Medical Center New Orleans and Tulane hospital and that two victims are in critical condition.

As scientists loaded up a dive boat on the Morehead City waterfront recently for a trip offshore to study artificial reefs, six plastic storage bins came aboard for an unrelated mission.

A scientist popped the lid off one to reveal a sea turtle not quite as large as a dinner plate, looking up with gentle, other-worldly eyes.

Each cooler contained a young loggerhead a bit more than a year old. Three had come from the state aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores and the others were from the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center in Virginia Beach.

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Police say a 46-year-old man was shot and killed Friday night in a townhome community off Independence Boulevard, bringing the number of homicides in Charlotte this year to 102 - one of the highest totals the city has seen since 1993.

For nearly a decade, Diana Ramirez hadn't been able to take a book home from the San Diego Public Library. Her borrowing privileges were suspended, she was told, because of a mere $10 in late fees, an amount that had grown to $30 over the years.

Ramirez, who is now 23 and stays in Tijuana with her mother, attends an alternative education program in San Diego that helps students earn high school diplomas. To her, the debt she owed to the library system was an onerous sum. Even worse, it removed a critical resource from her life.

Leading on Opportunity

Stephanie Cooper-Lewter, who was tapped in 2018 to lead Charlotte's quest to shed it's "50th of 50" label for lack of economic opportunity, will leave to lead another group promoting financial stability.

State Inspections Of Pet Shelters Enforce Animal Welfare Laws

Nov 29, 2019
brown puppy
CataventoProd / Pixabay

While regular inspections and registration requirements help protect animals, passing inspections and gaining registration can be tricky for animal shelters, rescues and similar entities in North Carolina.


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