The new CMS board: A political shift?

Nov 4, 2009

Winners of other races

Nov 3, 2009

Democrat Anthony Foxx is the next mayor of Charlotte. With all 169 precincts reporting, Foxx won 51.3 percent of the vote to defeat Republican John Lassiter. Foxx had 54,676 votes. Lassiter ended up with 51,788 votes (48.6 percent).

Foxx, Lassiter in tight race

Nov 3, 2009

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Charlotte City Council At-Large Candidates

Oct 30, 2009

Charlotte will have at least two new City Council At-Large members next year. Meet the candidates here. Republicans Tariq Bokhari: Is anyone here a little tired of being scared in their own neighborhoods? Is anyone tired of seeing good people lose their jobs? Or traffic jams and endless potholes? Is anyone tired of endless promises that are never kept up? What Charlotte needs right now is not politicians; Charlotte needs leaders. While others have been talking about their promises, my campaign team and I have been acting on needs.

Poll: Lassiter, Foxx in dead heat

Oct 27, 2009

Squaring off to be Charlotte's next mayor

Oct 26, 2009

19 candidates running for CMS board seats

Oct 20, 2009

A few weeks after John Lassiter backed out of a League of Women Voters debate over a format he said included too many rebuttals, now he won't have to contend with any. That's because instead of having a mayoral debate, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg League of Women Voters is holding a mayoral forum. Lassiter and Anthony Foxx will appear separately and have 30 minutes each to answer questions. Amanda Raymond, the local league's debate director, says this format made more sense than canceling the event altogether. "We sort-of sat down and said, 'You know, how could we do it?

Charlotte's mayoral race as a national test case

Aug 18, 2009

The State of the State GOP

Jun 12, 2009

The North Carolina Republican Party is kicking off its annual convention in Raleigh today. The 3-day event comes 7 months after the party fared poorly in the November elections. Republicans lost the gubernatorial race, key Congressional races, and for the first time since the 70s, didn't carry the state in the presidential election. To get a feel for the state of the party this summer, WFAE's Scott Graf called Linda Daves, the chair of the North Carolina GOP. He began by asking, "What happened last fall?"

Today, Governor Perdue presented her $21 billion budget for next year. She's calling for a cigarette tax hike of $1 dollar a pack, and an additional 5 percent alcohol tax. Her budget also would eliminate 1,400 jobs and cut spending by $360 million.

"As families and businesses across our state are tightening our belts to make ends meet around the kitchen table, I believe that government must do the same. But in the process we cannot neglect or ignore the state's most pressing needs," Perdue says. 

The Obama Administration has rejected South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's request to use some of the stimulus money to pay down the state's debt. Governor Sanford threatened to reject $700 million from the stimulus plan unless he got permission to use it towards state debt. Now, he says he'll make another - more narrow - request to the White House before rejecting the stimulus money outright. 

SC mayors urge governor to accept stimulus money

Mar 13, 2009

South Carolina mayors are pleading with the state's governor and General Assembly to take every penny on offer from the federal stimulus package. South Carolina's governor is threatening to reject a portion of the money.

Lassiter kicks off his campaign for Charlotte Mayor

Feb 11, 2009