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You don't have to lose that daylight savings hour

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WFAE commentator Tracy Curtis tries to convince us that our "lost" hour can, in fact, be a good thing. OK, so did we all survive daylight savings time? I can't believe it takes a whole week to recover from losing one crummy hour. I actually forgot about it. The microwave says it's 7:30. Minutes later the cable box says it's 8:40. Now that's freaky. I lost an hour just walking from the kitchen to the den. What's even freakier is that the cable company is all of a sudden time sensitive. The people who can't nail down anything tighter than a 4-hour window are now dictating precise, universal time. Why do they get to decide what time it is and what you get to watch on TV? We're all so worried about who's running the country. I think we should be worried about who's running the cable company. They say the purpose of daylight savings is to make better use of daylight. Well if the cable company wants me to make better use of my time, they should give me more of it, not less. And aren't the days long enough? I mean is an extra hour of yelling for my kids to come inside really going to change anybody's life? And you can take the hour out of the day, but you can't beat the ever-lovin' daylights out of your husband and his determination to stay on 'real time.' I can't feed the kids without him saying "you're feeding them now? I know it says it's seven, but it's really six THEIR time." THEIR time. What, does he live in Texas? I can't live in eastern time with two kids living in central. Every time I call them for dinner I'd have to think about what time it is "out there." People just can't let go. They live in the past hour because they cannot accept that the hour is really gone. And I know why this is. Because they didn't make use of the extra hour they were given back in October. They took that hour and they used it to sleep. They blew it and they know it and they can't deal with it. That's why I always use that hour. Like two years ago, I used that time to stockpile in case of an ice storm. So when I lost an hour, I went into the garage and looked at all my canned goods and bottled water. See? A tangible reminder that I used my time wisely. But last year, I outdid myself. When the clocks went back, I taped the extra hour of programming in the middle of the night, so I could watch that extra hour on the day I lost an hour and totally break even. And guess what's on the tape? The finale of 'Lost.' The cable company played the wrong tape or something. I don't want to ruin it, but I will tell you yes, they're on an island, but the island is inside a snow globe on a little boy's nightstand and that's all I'm gonna say. Okay I'm kidding they were selling jewelry. But the point is, that hour doesn't have to be lost anymore than those four hours waiting on the cable guy. Just like you think of stuff to do while you're waiting on him, think what you're going to do with that hour coming to you in October. You'll sleep great, and you won't even have to use the extra hour to do it!