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  • McColl Center for Art + Innovation
  • 721 N. Tryon Street
  • Charlotte, NC 28202
  • 704-332-5535

Event Description

“Equal parts absurd, menacing, and poetic” is how McColl Center alumna artist Liz Miller describes her elaborate, site-specific installations and textiles that create a dialogue between reality and illusion. She weaves tension between fact and fiction, lacing metaphorical insight on structural and systemic behavior with humor. Creating his own mythology about the complexities of contemporary Black life, McColl Center alumnus artist Antoine Williams’s work draws influence from science fiction and his childhood in the rural town of Red Springs, North Carolina. He explores fear, the idea of signs in society, and power in mixed-media art. Moderated by McColl Center alumnus artist Tom Stanley, the discussion between Williams and Miller will consider the value of art during our “new normal” and how amplifying the role of artists is more important than ever.

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