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We ask for this information so that we can contact you with questions about the event, if necessary. We will not display any of your information on our site.

Submission Guidelines

WFAE 90.7fm strives to include events from as many different non-profit sources as possible on the station's website calendar.

General Information for Organizations and Users:
1. All submissions will be reviewed to ensure it has been submitted for a non-profit organization or that the event benefits a non-profit organization. WFAE reserves the right to edit or decline any submission.
2. WFAE doesn't take responsibility for inaccurate information. Please contact the presenting organization for event confirmation.
3. It may take a day to a week for submissions to appear.
4. Submissions won’t be used on-air.

There are some items we cannot use because of the large number of requests we receive. Those include:
1. Submissions that contain spelling, grammar or punctuation errors and inconsistent information.
2. Submissions that use inappropriate or inflammatory language.
3. Informational announcements (e.g. National XYZ Week or Month)
4. Any event that is political in nature or promotes advocacy.
5. Any event that isn’t open to the public.
6. Events or religious services at a church, synagogue, temple or mosque except for significant concerts or lectures.
7. Events by for-profit organizations that aren't beneficial to a non-profit (i.e. grand openings, customer specials, discount promotions, sales, etc.)
8. Professional sporting events that don't include a fundraising component or other activity on behalf of a non-profit organization.
9. High school, college, church or other types of reunions.
10. Any event that is sponsored by another radio station.
11. Events outside of WFAE's coverage area.

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