Diversity Program

WFAE strives to create and foster a supportive environment in which all individuals can be effective and successful. This allows each staff contributor to reach his/her full potential within our organization.

WFAE is firmly committed to providing equal employment opportunity to all persons. WFAE will comply with all applicable federal laws and will not discriminate in all aspects of the employment relationship on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or disability. In addition, WFAE will comply with fair employment laws adopted by the State of North Carolina. 

We undertake the following practices:

WFAE reviews with the station’s governing directors the activities in place to further WFAE’s diversity goals.

WFAE complies with annual EEO plan and reporting procedures outlined by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. These reports are posted on our web site, WFAE.ORG.

WFAE strives to ascertain that its staff, board of directors and advisory boards are reflective of the diverse population it serves. 

WFAE will seek to interview at least one qualified diversity candidate for each senior leadership position hired. The term senior leadership position includes: CEO, COO, CFO, Chief Content Officer, General Manager, and other equivalent positions.

WFAE undertakes at least one of the following initiatives on an annual basis:

Conducting an internship program.

Participating in job banks, internet programs, and other programs to promote job vacancies.

Establishing training programs for station personnel to acquire professional skills.

Listing upper-level category openings in a job bank or newsletter of media trade groups whose membership includes participation of women and minorities.

Providing training to management level training on methods of ensuring equal opportunity and prevent discrimination.