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Kat Robichaud Brings 'The Music In Her' To 'The Voice'

If you watch the popular reality television singing competition, The Voice, on NBC, you may be familiar with the voice of Kat Robichaud. She's got a lots of music in her. The Concord, North Carolina native is competing to win $100,000 and a record deal. She joined us from Los Angeles by phone.

Kevin: Good morning, Kat.

Kat: Good morning!

Kevin: So how's it going? What is it like being on prime time television in front of millions of people each week?

Kat:  Surreal. You don't think about millions of people watching you. You're constantly on Facebook and Twitter trying to grab the fans that you are hoping will vote for you.

Kevin: OK, so you've been living in Raleigh since going to N.C. State. I understand you earned a degree in graphic design. What were you doing before The Voice?

Kat: My parents were very upset with me, because my senior year in college I joined a band and I didn't think it was going to be anything more than a hobby. It ended up just taking off and being my solo career for over seven years. We ended up making our living as a cover band. But we also put out two original albums. And from doing that, I realized that I really wanted to put out my own music. And so the band eventually broke up because I wanted one thing and everyone else wanted to make a paycheck. That makes them sound like they don't care about music, but you know, it is hard. You love to play music, but you also want to eat.

Kevin: Ok, so what is the daily routine for a contestant on The Voice?

Kat:  There isn't one. Every day is different, and we don't get our schedule until the night before, like around 8 or 9 o'clock. So we are all just kind of waiting. Yesterday we got up in the morning and did a few phone interviews. Then we went to Access Hollywood and filmed that, then we went back and did a few more phone interviews. Then I got a call from the music department and they said I had to switch up some of the stuff I was working on. And I was like "Oh God, no!" So I was up until like 2 AM.

Kevin: One of the things I always think about when watching these type of shows is that the viewer gets to see the credits roll, and the show is over. I always wondered what goes on after the show is over.

Kat: It is such a unique experience that we all become very close to each other. When people get knocked off, you hug them and you are there for them. For me in particular with Monika (Leigh), she was so gracious and very, very sweet and humble. And afterwards I said "Let me buy you a drink at the hotel bar." And she was like "Hell yeah!" So we went down and had a drink and had a relaxed night, and she was happy with how far she had made it in the show. And then for the blinds, I kind of locked myself in my room, because that was hard. There were so many sad people that didn't get a chair turned, or didn't even get to audition. That was hard. I just could not be down there in the lobby with so many unhappy people. It is a very emotional time. But once it is all said and done, you are going to be ok and you are going to leave with an incredible experience that not many people have.

Kevin: Kat Robichaud competing on The Voice for a $100,000 prize and a record deal. Kat, we wish you the very best. Thank you very much.

Kat: Thank you so much for having me.

Kat Robichaud grew up in Concord through the 8th grade before her family moved to Morehead City. She now makes her home in Raleigh.