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Weekend In Entertainment: Peach Pie Art Show, BOB's & More

Peach Pie Charlotte

Whether you want to taste the best of Charlotte or view it, there is plenty to do the second weekend in June. Joining WFAE's Nick De la Canal to discuss what's on the agenda this Weekend In Entertainment is Andy Smith, arts and culture editor of Charlotte Magazine.

Credit Sarafina Wright

Nick De la Canal: Hi Andy.

Andy Smith: How you doing Nick?

De la Canal: I'm well, thanks. So before we get to the food let's start with Friday at Goodyear Arts. What's going on there?

Smith: Well, this is the third pie show from the curator team of Melody Rood and Grace Stott. Grace is one of the Goodyear artists over there. One of the residents. And so what they do is the first one was apple pie and then they had cherry pie and this one is going to be peach pie. And this one specifically deals with womanhood and identity in the context of locality -meaning wherever the artists are from. And so you're going to see a lot of expression through womanhood, through various mediums - painting, sculpture, and photography.

One of the Goodyear co-founders Amy Herman will be featured in the show for her photography. And so it's just gonna be a varied, sprawling in sort of the Goodyear fashion...just a survey of what's out there right now and what people are doing.

De la Canal: And that's coming Friday, 6 to 9 p.m?

Smith: Yes, that is.

De la Canal: And who are some of the artists that folks can look forward to seeing?

Smith: Well, one of the curators is Grace Stott, who does a ceramic sculpture, will have her sculptures there. Amy Herbert, like I said photographer, and then there also going to be people from across the U.S. And there's also HNin Nie who is a artist who's done a lot of murals lately, but mostly does illustration through her Negative Nancy series "The Post Fields." So you're going to see that more pop style, you're going to see more realism style, you're going to see all sorts of genres.

De la Canal: Speaking of the arts. The 15th Annual Tony Awards viewing party is at the McGlohon Theater on Sunday. I'm excited about that. Can you tell us about that?

Smith: Well, I think this is one of the special years becaue Eva Noblezada, who is from Charlotte is one of the people in the running for a Tony. And this is her second nomination and the first time she lost to Bette Midler, I believe. So it wasn't too bad of a loss there.

De la Canal: Right.

Smith: So you know we're seeing with Renee Rapp, a Northwest School the Arts grad who just joined the cast of Mean Girls, we're seeing a lot of Charlotte actors enter the Broadway sphere in a really serious way. So I think it's like a Super Bowl hometown kind of crowd than it was in previous years I think.

De la Canal: Right. And so that's going to be June 9 on Sunday of course at the McGlohon Theater.

Smith: Doors at 7 p.m., so you get in there, get some snacks and Kristen Miranda is going to be hosting and she's from WBTV. So it's going to be a really fun night almost like an award show itself.

De la Canal: And starting this weekend also is the annual Taste of Charlotte? What do we need to know for that?

Smith: Well, more than 100 restaurant samples that you can try. I mean this is one of those events every foodie in Charlotte looks forward to because you'd never get to try so many different restaurants in one setting like you can here. And it's over six blocks on Tryon and so there's this crazy sprawling huge festival. And it's always a good time.

De la Canal: Right and that's runs Friday through Sunday? Yes. Finally, Andy do you have a shameless plug to add to this this weekend?

Smith: Yes, I do. Every year, Charlotte Magazine we do the Best of the Best issue every May. WFAE has some winners actually this year. And so we get together and celebrate the issue, we celebrate the best of Charlotte. And so this year that also includes the best musician, the one to watch, which would be Cyanca.  And we also have Brad Panovich, the famous weatherman of Charlotte, hosting and so it's gonna be a night of a lot of great food from winners and entertainment and it's just gonna be a good time. The theme is all white. So everybody's been posting their outfits on Instagram and it just looks like it can be a really great time this year. It's always a good time. It's at the Fillmore.

De la Canal: All right. That's Andy Smith, arts and culture editor for Charlotte magazine. Andy thanks so much.

Smith: Thank you.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story referred to Eva Noblezada as Evelyn Noblezada. 

Nick de la Canal is the host of Weekend Edition on Saturday/Sunday mornings, and a reporter covering breaking news, arts and culture, and general assignment stories. His work frequently appears on air and online. Periodically, he tweets: @nickdelacanal