Gantt Museum

Events are planned around Charlotte this weekend to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr., the civil rights leader who would have turned 90 this week. Among them is a full day of programming at the Harvey B. Gantt Center in uptown featuring film screenings, art-making workshops, and community discussions.

WFAEats: Why So Salty?

21 hours ago

While making a simple dinner the other evening I reached for the salt and was faced with a conundrum: Which of the six within reach to pick? Cajun or Kosher? Celtic or Cornish with lemon and thyme? Gray, pink, or black from the Dead Sea?

That got me thinking about why we love salt – and sometimes acquire it in an aspirational fashion, like designer shoes or handbags.

A North Carolina police officer who was fired after being accused of yanking a woman out of her car and slamming her face-first to the ground has been found guilty of using unreasonable force against her.

Sarah Delia / WFAE

Police have arrested four people in the death of a man during an armed robbery.

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North Carolina education officials say a software error caused some students around the state to receive incorrect end-of-term grades this school year.

A federal judge has chastised election officials in North Carolina who let a Korean woman with a green card vote in three elections.

Friday, Jan. 18, 2019

New rules for e-scooters but revisions are likely in Charlotte. The city quickly finds ways to spend the $50 million approved in a bond for affordable housing, so financial institutions are kicking in $70 million more. Passengers and crew from US Airways flight 1549, the one that ended in the Hudson, come to Charlotte to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a miracle. Plus an update on the 9th Congressional District probe. Mike Collins and our roundtable of reporters details those and other stories.

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A Mecklenburg County judge declared a mistrial in a murder case Thursday after a member of the jury went into premature labor as deliberations were set to resume.

Barry Duckworth of Sherrills Ford spoke during a public meeting Thursday about coal ash at Duke Energy's Marshall Steam Station on Lake Norman.
David Boraks / WFAE

More than 500 people packed into a school gym in Catawba County Thursday night for a public meeting about how state regulators should require Duke Energy to clean up coal ash at nearby Marshall Steam Station.

It wasn't supposed to be a public hearing, but people demanded to be heard.

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Cannabidiol — or CBD as it's known — is gaining popularity in North Carolina and around the country. At least six new CBD stores have opened around Charlotte over the last year, and other restaurants and stores have begun incorporating CBD into their menus. All of them are operating in gray legal territory.

When Carol Folt gave her first big speech as head of North Carolina's flagship public university, she praised lawyer Julius Chambers, who battled segregationists in court, and she lauded legendary basketball coach Dean Smith's civil rights advocacy. The Tar Heel titans "worked across differences for the common good," she said in 2013.

Grocery Store

The partial federal government shutdown is having an impact on Mecklenburg County residents who use Food and Nutrition Services commonly known as food stamps. After February benefits are distributed, recipients will have to wait until the shutdown is over to receive additional services. 

The Carolinas Aviation Museum collection includes an old Piedmont Airlines DC-3
Carolinas Aviation Museum

The Carolinas Aviation Museum has been in the national spotlight this week on the 10th anniversary of the event at the center of its biggest exhibit — the "Miracle on the Hudson" water landing in 2009. But behind the scenes, big changes are in the works: The museum is being forced to look for a new home.  

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

The city of Charlotte has been planning on a 26-mile trail for the last six years, but last week the city announced that the current amount of funding is $77 million short of finishing the project. How did the city miscalculate by so much? Where does the project stand now? And, why does it matter?

Steve Harrison

The Charlotte area’s first toll road – the Monroe Expressway – opened in November.

The $800 million highway allows for much faster travel times through Union County. But the number of vehicles using the expressway in its first month is off pace to make the state’s first-year traffic projection.