NASCAR Hall of Fame Update

Jan 9, 2006

(1/9/06) NASCAR announced Thursday that two cities it had previously considered for its new hall of fame, have been eliminated from the selection process. That leaves Charlotte, Atlanta and Daytona as the three finalists. WFAE's Scott Graf spoke with the NASCAR beat writer for the Charlotte Observer, David Poole.

A New Look for HITS Officers

Jan 6, 2006

(1/6/06) Officers with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department HITS (Highway Interdiction Traffic Safety) unit are sporting a new look. The new uniform was created for police officers who drive motorcycles. WFAE's Jaime Bedrin spoke with Sgt. John Williams about the change.

Good Food, Not Guilt

Jan 6, 2006

(1/6/06) It's January! Time for a new start. For many of us, that means making resolutions about food. We launch new diets, and give up sugar or butter or wine. WFAE commentator and food writer Amy Rogers says enough already. She has a revised plan for staying healthy in 2006. Hear her suggestions.

Hispanics' Impact on NC Economy

Jan 4, 2006

(1/4/06) A study released Tuesday shows Hispanics in North Carolina have a nine-billion-dollar-plus impact on the state's economy. The study was commissioned last year by the North Carolina Bankers Association. From WFAE's Carolinas Business Bureau Simone Orendain spoke with study author and UNC-Chapel Hill management professor John Kasarda.

SB Economic Forecast for 2006

Jan 3, 2006

(1/3/06) The National Federation of Independent Business says overall, small business conditions in North Carolina are good. And the group's chief economist says for small business across the country conditions are expected to remain that way in 2006. From WFAE's Carolinas Business Bureau Simone Orendain spoke with NFIB Chief Economist William Dunkelberg about the shape of small business in general.

The Rockettes

Jan 3, 2006

(1/3/06) The world famous Rockettes were recently in Charlotte, dazzling audiences with their precision and eye-high kicks. WFAE's Jaime Bedrin got a backstage pass to the show. She brings us this profile of one Rockette.

Learning to Give

Dec 23, 2005

(12/23/05) It's sometimes hard to let go of childhood Christmas wishes that never came to be. For WFAE commentator Carolyn Noell, it was a while before she realized her daughter's Christmas wishes were not the same as hers.

The Gift of...Nothing

Dec 22, 2005

(12/22/05) WFAE commentator Krissa Palmer recalls one of the best holidays she ever had, in New Hampshire circa 1977. She was newly married and broke.

Holiday Letters

Dec 21, 2005

(12/21/05) WFAE commentator Peter Moore has some reflections on one holiday tradition. Like fruitcake, this tradition has many critics, yet we can't seem to live without it.

The Christmas Puppy

Dec 20, 2005

(12/20/05) Christmas gifts, especially those for children, can often lose their luster as soon as a few weeks after the holiday. But giving one particular gift requires a much longer commitment, and as WFAE commentator Elizabeth Richardson says, should therefore be researched accordingly.

Memories of Iowa Winters

Dec 20, 2005

(12/19/05) Charlotte's ice rink may not be as glamorous as the one at Rockefeller Center but it still works like a charm. WFAE commentator Jen Collins recently enjoyed a skate and says it reminded her of childhood winters.

Duke Power Names New President

Dec 20, 2005

(12/20/05) Duke Power Monday announced Group Vice President Ellen Ruff would head its new company once a pending merger is completed with Cinergy Corp. WFAE's Simone Orendain talked with Ruff.

Bidding For The Coliseum

Dec 20, 2005

(12/20/05) The bidding process for a high-profile piece of Charlotte real estate has been off-and-on in recent weeks. From WFAE's Carolinas Business Bureau, Scott Graf examines the game that's paused for now, but could soon heat up after the first of the year.

Trends in Senior Care

Dec 16, 2005

(12/16/05) More adult children are honoring their parents wishes to live independently at home, forgoing nursing homes and long-term care facilities. More options in stay-at-home care mean easier decisions for adult children and their aging parents. From the Carolinas Business Bureau, WFAE's Jaime Bedrin reports.

Higher Cost of Heating

Dec 13, 2005

(12/13/05) Beginning this week, Charlotte's chief natural gas supplier will be sending residents their first heating bills since colder weather set in several weeks ago. Piedmont Natural Gas and other suppliers are passing along higher costs they're experiencing to customers. WFAE's Scott Graf spoke with Piedmont spokesperson David Trusty about the situation.

On Disaster-planning It's Local vs. Federal

Dec 12, 2005

(12/12/05) Mayors of cities devastated by natural disasters brought a mixture of blame and partial solutions to a panel discussion on disaster preparedness at the National League of Cities conference in Charlotte Friday. WFAE's Simone Orendain reports.

Cuts Could Affect Charities

Dec 12, 2005

(12/12/05) Faith-based and community organizations traditionally increase their efforts to help the poor over the holiday season. But Congress is considering cuts to Medicaid, food stamps and other social welfare programs that could make it more difficult for Charlotte-area charities in the future. From Capitol Hill, Terry Gildea reports.

Scents of the Season

Dec 9, 2005

(12/9/05) Ever wonder why cooks use cinnamon during the holiday season? WFAE commentator and food enthusiast Amy Rogers says it took some detective work to find out more about the association between the spice and the season.

Holy Land Tourism Rebounds

Dec 7, 2005

(12/7/05) Tourism to Israel is rebounding, after several years of declines due to political tensions and terrorism concerns. WFAE's Mark Rumsey recently spent some time in the Holy Land and has this report.

The College Application

Dec 6, 2005

(12/6/05) WFAE commentator Jean Spangler thinks her son is perfectly average. The trouble is, these days Spangler says it seems like everyone else's child is outstanding.