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Now it's time to crown this week's grand champion. Let's bring back our winners. From the Hokey Pokey: Jason Salisbury.


EISENBERG: From Everyone's a Critic: Rob Jacklosky. From Taylor Swifties: Jonathan Turer. From What's Next: Brian Little. And from Radio Pictionary: Nicole Holliday.


EISENBERG: I'm going to ask our puzzle guru Greg Pliska to take us out.

GREG PLISKA: I've been wanting to take you out all night.


PLISKA: All of you. All right, the final game, contestants, will put you on a highway to hell. It's called AC/DC. The rules are simple. All of the answers either start with the initials AC or DC. For example, if we asked you what town serves as the basis for the street names in Monopoly, you'd say Atlantic City.

We're playing this spelling bee style, which means you will each answer and rotate to the next person. One wrong answer and you're out. You'll only have a few seconds to give us an answer. And the last person standing will be our grand winner. We start with Jason. This author of the Miss Marple series is estimated to have sold over two billion books.

JASON SALISBURY: Agatha Christy.

PLISKA: Correct.


PLISKA: Rob, he won five Emmy Awards for creating, writing and producing "The Sopranos."


PLISKA: Yes, correct, Rob, very good.


PLISKA: Jonathan, this NFL team is headquartered in a suburb of Phoenix.

JONATHAN TURER: The Arizona Cardinals.

PLISKA: Correct.


PLISKA: Brian, he was the 46th vice president of the United States.

BRIAN LITTLE: Dick Cheney.

PLISKA: Dick Cheney is correct.


PLISKA: Nicole, introduced in 1982, it's the number two best selling soda brand in the United States.


PLISKA: Correct, very good.


PLISKA: Jason, what first daughter lived in the White House from ages 9 to 13? I'm afraid time is up, Jason. Sorry. Rob, do you know the answer to that one?

JACKLOSKY: Amy Carter.

PLISKA: That is correct. That is correct. Thank you, Jason.


PLISKA: Jonathan, this popular teen drama on the WB Network was filmed on location in North Carolina.

TURER: "Dawson's Creek."

PLISKA: Yes, correct, very good.


PLISKA: Brian, who is the C in the legendary rock groups CSN and CSNY?

LITTLE: Aaron Carter.

PLISKA: No. No, not correct. Sorry. Nicole, do you know who it is?


PLISKA: Yes, I need the first name as well.

HOLLIDAY: Oh, (bleep). Aaron Crosby.

PLISKA: Nope, sorry, that's incorrect. Rob, do you know?

JACKLOSKY: David Crosby.

PLISKA: That is correct. Yes.


PLISKA: So, thank you, Nicole and Brian. Rob and Jonathan are our two contestants left. Jonathan, Toronto Pearson International Airport is the largest hub of what airline?

TURER: Air Canada.

PLISKA: Correct.


PLISKA: Rob, what comedian has hosted TV's "The Price is Right" since 2007. Don't know. All right, Jonathan, for the win, do you know the name?

TURER: Drew Carey.

PLISKA: Drew Carey is correct. You are our winner.



EISENBERG: Congratulations, Jonathan. You are the grand prize winner of this week's ASK ME ANOTHER. And you have a fantastic prize. You get a session with Mike Rugnetta, where he's going to teach you everything you need to know to make your own viral video or video that could go viral, perhaps viral or just hopefully goes viral.

TURER: I'm going to need a cat.

EISENBERG: He's going to teach you everything. You could be the triple rainbow. Just think about it.

TURER: Oh, awesome.

EISENBERG: Congratulations, well done.

TURER: Thank you. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.