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Pulling at Those Heartstrings: A ValenTUNE’s Day Conversation with Jason Scavone

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Daniel Coston
Charlotte-based singer-songwriter Jason Scavone.

In 2006, Billboard Magazine praised Charlotte-based band Noises 10. In the magazine’s words, “The hooks come from all directions in a Noises 10 song, but it’s Jason Scavone’s impassioned vocals that make the band impossible to ignore.”

Since the band parted ways, Jason Scavone has kept his music life quite busy, producing hundreds of artists at Charlotte’s Sioux Sioux Studios, releasing his debut solo release “Finding Today” and even collaborating with Grammy Award-winning Americana star Brandi Carlile.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked Jason Scavone about his love for singing and songwriting, not falling out of love with music given the up’s and down’s of the industry, and what it takes to make a love song come to life.

"Everybody wants to feel love, everybody has had a broken heart, everybody has been loved or loved someone or lost love. That is one of the deepest wells of emotion to tap into.”
– Jason Scavone

Interview Highlights:

On one of the loves of his life… music:

I’ve appreciated and loved music my whole life. I feel a connection with music because of the way that it speaks to me, and the way I am able to use music to be able to emote and express my thoughts and ideas and feelings. It’s an internal soundtrack everywhere I go, even when there’s no music playing.

On his inspiration for making music for himself and others:

I really modeled a lot of what I do after how Eric Valentine [producer for Maroon 5, Queens of the Stone Age and Jason Scavone’s The Noises 10] approaches making records, which is guiding people to their greatness and not taking too much credit for it — just leading them to their potential and inspiring them to do that. I try to do that as much as I can when I’m working with people.

On what he would tell his younger self based on what he knows now:

I don’t know if I would tell myself anything, really. I wouldn’t change anything or do anything any different. I’m very grateful for the experiences I had, and I’m very grateful for what I’ve learned from the mistakes I’ve made through those experiences and what it’s allowed me to become. I’m a more selfless person and kind and thoughtful person than I was at that point in my life... So I don’t think I’d tell myself anything, I’d say “Keep doing it. Keep making mistakes."

On the popularity (and the anatomy) of love songs:

People just tend to acclimate towards love songs. I’ve worked with so many people (and I’ve done this too) where it’s said, “I’m making a record, and 9 out of the 10 songs are love songs… I can’t have every song be about love!

”To me, music is only doing its job if it’s affecting you on an emotional level, and there are a number of ways that can take place. Everybody wants to feel love, everybody has had a broken heart, everybody has been loved or loved someone or lost love.

That is one of the deepest wells of emotion to tap into. To me, love songs are all about honesty, transparency and being emotive, allowing yourself to just be really vulnerable and honest in your performance and delivery… and those are the songs that really touch me the most and reach people in general.

On collaborating with 2019 Grammy Award winner Brandi Carlile on the song “My Repair:”

A lot of times, I labor over a song (especially its lyrics) for a long time and edit myself into oblivion, but “My Repair” is a song where I didn’t allow that to happen. I sat down in one sitting and wrote the song in an hour.

There are a lot of water analogies in the song and I felt like in my life, I was drowning and chasing something that was taking me to a place that was not good for me. Love was the one thing that could lead me away from that. And at that time, I had placed that love on an individual. Having Brandi Carlile sing on it, she’s such an amazing singer. She’s capable of doing that thing with her voice where whenever she sings, I’m like, “That’s the truth.” So she really helped bring the song to life.

Music featured in this #WFAEAmplifier chat:

The Noises 10 - “Horse Latitudes”
The Noises 10 - “Sea Level”
Jason Scavone - “Can’t Stay Here”
Jason Scavone - “Heart Attack”
Jason Scavone - “Home”
The Noises 10 - “My Repair” feat. Brandi Carlile
Jason Scavone - “Find Today”

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