Buffalo Firm Plans $3.1 Million R&D Site in Charlotte

Sep 16, 2019

Columbus McKinnon Corp., a Buffalo, New York, manufacturer, plans to move a research and development facility to Mecklenburg County, contingent upon receiving tax incentives from the city of Charlotte and the county.


The company builds hoists and cranes, and other products and machines that move equipment. The research and development facility — the taxable value of which would be $3.1 million — would employ 25 people with an average salary of $118,600.

Mecklenburg County commissioners are scheduled to vote on giving the company $62,000 in incentives at their meeting Tuesday. The city of Charlotte is expected to approve just under $37,000 in incentives, and the state has tentatively approved $27,000 in job training grants.

The company has had a subsidiary in Mecklenburg County, Duff Norton, since 2000. It employs 133 people at an average salary of $61,797.