Butler Students, Families Process Deadly Shooting As Classes Resume

Nov 1, 2018

Students at Butler High School in Matthews resumed classes Thursday for the first time since a deadly shooting Monday morning. 

Some students said they’ve had a very hard week, others said it was just another school day. One father waiting in line to pick up his daughter, who's a sophomore, prepared for another hard conversation. 

The spirit rock on campus was re-painted this week, the other side reads, "Your teachers love you."
Credit Cole del Charco / WFAE

“When she gets in the car, I mean I’ll let her talk about it instead of trying to pull stuff out of her,” Michael Streater said. “Because everybody copes in their own way.”

It’s a problem, Streater said, many parents have had to address this week. 

“When it happened, we picked her up. She had been crying here at school and then she was okay. And then when we’d seen it online that the young man had passed, it’s like the tears just started flowing all over again,” Streater said. “So it’s real. It’s a real situation that has affected a lot of families.”

Some students said there needs to be change and that without metal detectors, it was only a matter of time before someone brought a gun to school and shot someone. 

A few students said they spoke to counselors, which was helpful for dealing with the trauma of classmate Bobby McKeithen's death.