Charlotte Talks Business News Roundup: CLT Tech Talent, Plaza Midwood Growth, Ballantyne Development

Oct 2, 2019

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Credit WFAE/David Boraks, FLICKR/MIKE MOZART/James Willamor/Alexandre Prevot

A look at what’s happening with two of our city’s key drivers: business and development. Things are booming. What’s next?

Charlotte has always been a business town, a striver looking for what’s next in a way that will burnish our reputation. When Amazon turned us down as a hub for their HQ2 citing a lack of tech expertise, we grew our tech hub.

People are pouring in, moving here every day and that has caused development to explode, cranes are everywhere. How much longer can we maintain this break-neck pace?

And with that growth come changing neighborhoods and not everyone is happy about that. We talk about development in Ballantyne and growing pains in Plaza Midwood. Other efforts are up in the air, like the fate of Brooklyn Village.

We talk with three business reporters who cover all of this to help put what’s happening all around us into context.

Ashley Fahey, Tony Mecia, and Katie Peralta


Tony Mecia, editor of The Charlotte Ledger business newsletter. He can be heard Thursday mornings on WFAE’s BizWorthy segment

Katie Peralta, senior editor at Charlotte Agenda

Ashley Fahey, real estate editor for The Charlotte Business Journal