Charlotte Talks: CATS CEO John Lewis On New Light Rail, Tunnel Options And Future Transit Plans

Jul 23, 2018

Monday, July 23, 2018

Incredibly ambitious plans to expand Charlotte’s mass transit options and a price tag to match. CATS CEO John Lewis gives us the details.

Charlotte Area Transit has some bold ideas for the next phase of the city’s transit plans. The just announced new options include light rail to Belmont in Gaston County, extending and connecting transit lines to the North and elsewhere in the county including a one-mile tunnel under uptown.

These options could be part of a $6 to 8 billion plan for updating the city’s 2030 transit plan. But that’s a lot to accomplish in just 12 years and the price tag is a big one. Is this feasible? How would we pay for it? CATS CEO John Lewis lays it all out when he sits down with Mike Collins.


John Lewis, Chief Executive Officer of the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS)

Jason Lawrence, Project Manager for CATS


CATS transit planning page, which contains information on all projects, studies, public meeting dates and links to corridor opinion surveys.

North corridor (Red Line) information and maps

West corridor information and maps 

Center city transit connection options

CATS is asking the public to respond to options. Access the survey here