Charlotte Talks: Charlotte Real Estate Update And Spring Market Outlook

Apr 1, 2019

Monday, April 1, 2019

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People continue moving into Charlotte. At last report, the number was about 60 people a day. You can see the result everywhere you look. Endless construction, increasingly congested roads and a real estate market in grid lock. Housing is becoming less affordable as new construction struggles to keep up with demand. This has been a troubling trend for several years. How much longer can it last? We get some expert opinions.

It’s estimated that about 60 people a day are flooding into our ever-growing metropolis – but where are all these people going? Charlotte’s housing market continues to be a challenge, as anyone trying to buy a house already knows.

The market is locked up tight with near record-low inventories driving sales prices sky high. Despite the strong market, new home construction is struggling to keep up with demand. All these factors combined are making housing even less affordable in the Charlotte region, driving some homebuyers into outlying counties.

We’ve seen the same trends for the past few years now – so how much longer can this last? We talk with local real estate professionals about the state of Charlotte’s hot housing market, get tips for buyers and sellers, and discuss current trends.


Brenda Hayden, 2019 President of the Charlotte Regional Realtor Association and broker with Keller Williams SouthPark

Jenifer Gooch, Regional Director in the Charlotte market for Metrostudy, a housing market research firm

Bob Zweier, President of Saussy Burbank and president of Home Builders Association of Greater Charlotte