Charlotte Talks: Child Care Challenges Add To Difficulty Balancing Life And Work

Dec 31, 2019

Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019

Our week-long examination of the elusive work-life balance continues with a look at the impact of the need for and expense of child care.

This program, which originally aired Sept. 24, is the second in a special four-part series about work-life balance. Details.

It’s estimated that more than 12 million children are in need of care during any given week. Finding that care can be harrowing – and costly as wait list fees can begin adding up.

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Once a child is in a facility, there’s the cost to keep them there. Nearly 60 percent of parents told a New York Times survey this summer that child care costs were a significant strain on their finances, as more than 20 percent said they spend at least $1,000 or more a month. Meanwhile, those taking care of the children end up spending more time with them than their parents.

The costs can set up a domino effect for many families. It can keep some parents out of the workforce, and to hold off on having additional children.

What can be done to address what’s being called a child care crisis?


Janet Singerman, president and chief executive officer, Child Care Resources, Inc.

Katie Hamm, Center for American Progress, vice president of Early Childhood Policy