Charlotte Talks: County Manager Dena Diorio On Mecklenburg's Budget, Higher Taxes

May 14, 2019

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

County Manager Dena Diorio talks with the media about her proposed budget.
Credit WFAE/Steve Harrison

A look at Mecklenburg County’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year. County Manager Dena Diorio and the budget director tell us where your tax dollars will go.

Spring means budgets – or proposed budgets are bursting out all over. Last week, we examined the city’s proposed budget. It keeps property taxes revenue neutral even while taking in more revenue.

The county, though, has a different story. Mecklenburg’s budget is not revenue neutral. Your property taxes will rise. So, where’s the money going? To schools, public health, affordable housing and to parks, which proponents say have been underfunded for years.

It’s always good for taxpayers to know how their money is being used, especially when taxes rise so County Manager Dena Diorio and budget director Michael Bryant will give us a guided tour of the budget.


Dena Diorio, Mecklenburg County Manager

Michael Bryant, Management & Budget Director, Mecklenburg County