Charlotte Talks: The Fight Over Your Grocery Dollar

Nov 22, 2018

Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018

Before settling in for your Thanksgiving meal, Mike Collins and supermarket industry experts take a look at the heated battle among grocery stores for your food dollar, and why Charlotte has become ground zero.

This program originally aired Feb. 7, 2018

The fight over the Thanksgiving turkey leg might be as fierce as the battle for your grocery dollar. It’s been escalating for years, and there have been casualties.

Charlotte's population growth has made it prime for grocery competition, experts say.
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Low-cost German grocer Lidl pulled back on its expansion. Charlotte-based Healthy Home Market closed its two remaining Charlotte stores earlier this year and filed for bankruptcy. Even venerable hometown giant Harris Teeter closed a Ballantyne location.

The industry is also waiting to see the effect of Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods. Prices were cut almost immediately at the chain that some referred to as “Whole Paycheck.”

What’s the state of play in the fight over your grocery dollar?


Katie Peralta, retail and business reporter, The Charlotte Observer (@katieperalta)

Phil Lempert, supermarket analyst; founder of (@PhilLempert)

Mike Paglia, grocery analyst, Kantar Retail (@KanRetMP)