Charlotte Talks: ICE's Impact On The Community

Feb 21, 2019

Thursday, Feb 21, 2019

Credit Photo Courtesy of ICE

Recent arrests by ICE agents have stoked fears in the immigrant community but Immigration and Customs Enforcement says this is the new normal.  Mike hears from ICE and others this hour.

ICE agents arrested about 200 people in the state last month in a series of raids.  Some of those arrested either had criminal convictions or charges pending but around 50 immigrants were picked up even though immigration enforcement was not specifically looking for them. 

ICE says all this is the result of Mecklenburg and other counties opting out of the 287(g) program.


Teo Armus, reporter, Charlotte Observer

José Hernández-Paris, Executive Director, Latin American Coalition

Sean Gallagher, Immigration and Customs Enforcment, Atlanta field office director