Charlotte Talks: Local Film Maker Explores Life During Jim Crow

Feb 28, 2019

Thursday, Feb 28, 2019

Credit Psychology Today

Charlotte filmmaker Fred Murphy uses his work to explore race relations from both black and white points of view.  What he’s learned about the past and how to move forward. We also hear from local historians about Charlotte's history with race. 

Fred Murphy has spent much of his career exploring the complexities of race relations.  In his documentary American South As We Know It, African-Americans talk about their experiences at a time when racial tensions were at their peak. 

His latest film The Other Side of the Coin, shifts the focus to whites and how they thought and felt during Jim Crow.  Murphy and others fill us in on that and share their views on how to move forward


Fred Murphy, filmmaker

Michael Webb, historical interpreter, Latta Plantation

Tom Hanchett, Historian