Charlotte Talks Local News Roundup: COVID Numbers Trending Down; College Clusters; CMS First Week

Aug 21, 2020

Friday, Aug. 21, 2020

Officials say our coronavirus numbers are trending in the right direction, but we can’t afford to be complacent. Back-to-college turns into back-to-home at UNC Chapel Hill and other campuses. Online problems statewide make the first day of K-12 school difficult. And Charlotte prepares for a one-day Republican National Convention.    

On the next Charlotte Talks local news roundup ...

Coronavirus numbers are trending in the right direction, but county officials say not to be complacent. We’ll have an update on COVID-19 in Mecklenburg County and around the state.

COVID-19 is affecting back to college around North Carolina, in particular with several clusters around the state at campuses like UNC Chapel Hill, NC State, and more. We’ll talk about the changes being made around the state in response.

Back to school also started for CMS this week, as the district began classes online. The start of school was not a normal “first day” for families to begin with, but was even more complicated because of technical issues statewide. We’ll recap the first week.

And the Democratic National Convention was held virtually this week, leading right into our much-diminished RNC in Charlotte next week. We’ll discuss highlights and a look ahead to next week.

Host Mike Collins will tackle those stories and much more with our panel of local reporters, on the Charlotte Talks local news roundup.


Katie Peralta, senior editor for Charlotte Agenda

Jonathan Lowe, anchor/ reporter for Spectrum News 

Steve Harrison, WFAE’s Political Reporter 

Annie Ma, Education reporter for the Charlotte Observer