Charlotte Talks: Mayor Vi Lyles on Affordable Housing, Red Light Cameras, Budget And More

Apr 11, 2018

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Mayor Vi Lyles comes back for her monthly visit with host Mike Collins. She gives us an update on her suggestion about bringing back red-light cameras.  Citizens concerned about affordable housing shared their thoughts with the city council this week and we get the Mayor’s take on that.

Charlotte has put in its bid for the Republican National Convention in 2020. We'll ask the Mayor her thoughts. And we’ll talk about her desire to double the size of the Mayor’s Youth Employment Program. 

It’s our third edition of our monthly Mike and the Mayor series with Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles, where we delve into Charlotte’s most important issues.

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This hour, we give an update on the mayor’s suggestion last month that the city bring back red light cameras. There have been discussions at city council debating whether the cameras add safety to Charlotte’s intersections- we’ll get the mayor’s thoughts on the direction of those debates and where she thinks the issue should go from here.

Charlotteans worried about affordable housing attended the city council meeting earlier this week. Many voiced their concerns about residents being pushed out of their apartments, some with no other place to go. We’ll talk about what was said and how the council responded, and we'll discuss the mayor's announcement on Wednesday that she'll be seeking more funding- triple the current amount- for affordable housing this fall.

Charlotte has put in its bid for the 2020 Republican National Convention. What does Mayor Lyles think the Queen City's major selling points are, and have we learned anything from the failed Amazon bid that we can apply to this one?

And the mayor is hoping to double the size of her Charlotte’s Mayor Youth Employment Program this summer. The program works with local businesses and coordinates with CMS to provide intern experiences for Charlotte students. We’ll talk about the expansion and the students it will benefit.

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles.
Credit Zuri Berry / WFAE

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Vi Lyles, Mayor of Charlotte