Charlotte Talks: Mike and the Mayor Talk Affordable Housing, Eastland Mall and More

Oct 11, 2018

Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles returns for a new edition of Mike and the Mayor. Host Mike Collins will talk with the mayor about the latest in Charlotte's quest for affordable housing, the city nearing a deal on Eastland Mall, bonds on the upcoming ballot and more on the next Charlotte Talks.

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles

On the next edition of Charlotte Talks...

Mayor Vi Lyles returns for our latest edition of Mike and the Mayor, our monthly chats about the city of Charlotte’s most important issues.

Since our last interview with the mayor, the city has weathered Florence, and now Hurricane Michael is heading to the Carolinas.

We’ve also heard the exact dates for the Republican National Convention in 2020 which will be in Charlotte. The convention will be here August 24-27, 2020.

Charlotte is now close to a deal with a private development team to revamp the old Eastland Mall property. We'll get an update.

And efforts in affordable, safe housing for Charlotte’s residents remains a priority.

We’ll check in with Mayor Vi Lyles about all of these issues and take your questions as well. You can email, or tweet us @charlottetalks. 


Vi Lyles, Mayor of Charlotte (@CLTmayor)