Charlotte Talks: Minding Your Mental Health And Self-Care Needs During The Pandemic

May 26, 2020

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Many people are staying at home. Others have had to stop work. Most of us are separated to some degree from family, friends and co-workers. The changes we’re experiencing can cause anxiety and depression. Mental health experts share some tips on managing the stress of all this.

This show originally aired April 23, 2020.

Credit Flickr/Lisa Risager

Social distancing and staying at home is beginning to take its toll. Attempts to flatten the COVID-19 curve have changed our lifestyles. We’ve been separated from extended family, friends and co-workers.

Many are trying to work from home while also helping their kids deal with being cooped up and with online learning. Some have lost their incomes during business closures.

All of this sets the stage for increased stress, anxiety, feelings of a lack of control and depression. It’s the new normal in these abnormal times, but we get some tips from mental health professionals on how to deal with all of this.


Dr. Chasity Adams, licensed psychologist in private practice in Charlotte

Dr. Kevin Gyoerkoe, licensed psychologist, director of the Anxiety and OCD Treatment Center in Charlotte

Courtney Diliberto, licensed clinical social worker at University Psychological Associates in Charlotte