Charlotte Talks: The Politics Of Our Court System

Sep 17, 2018

Monday, September 17, 2018

Our state’s Supreme Court has been busy of late hearing a record number of impactful and political cases.  We look at how the high court has become more politicized and the impact of that trend. 

Both Democrats and Republicans have complained about “activist judges” on courts high and low but it seems both parties may be contributing to this trend. 

Here in North Carolina, our state’s supreme court has been called on to decide a number of impactful cases, many the result of political in-fighting and of decisions made with political gain in mind.  What is the impact of this increasing politicization of our courts?


Jim Morrill, reporter, The Charlotte Observer

Robert Orr, former associate justice, North Carolina Supreme Court

John Szmer, associate professor, Department of Political Science, UNCC