Charlotte Talks Politics: Trump, GOP Make Case For Four More Years

Aug 24, 2020

Monday, Aug. 24, 2020

The first half of this season of virtual political conventions is over. Democrats – and some Republicans - spent the past week making their case why President Trump should be denied a second term. Now it’s time for the Republican rebuttal.

Vice President Pence on Friday previewed the party's reelection message.

But months of polling have shown that voters aren’t buying it. Joe Biden has even turned reliably Republican states into toss-ups. Earlier this summer, FiveThirtyEight described the president’s position as the toughest for an incumbent since Jimmy Carter in 1980.

Credit Erin Keever / WFAE

First, Republicans must officially renominate the Trump/Pence ticket, and that’s what 336 delegates are doing Monday at the Charlotte Convention Center. That meeting is the climax of a fraught two-year relationship between the city and this convention.

Will the coming week turn things around for the president – as well as the down-ballot Republicans whose own reelections are riding on the president’s?


Dan Barry, former Union County Republican Party chairman; president of the Hornet’s Nest Republican Men’s Club (@DBBary_)

Ed Driggs, Charlotte City Council, District 7; alternate Republican National Convention delegate

Matt Moore, former South Carolina Republican Party chairman; managing partner at First Tuesday Strategies (@MattMooreSC)