Charlotte Talks: Talking Accidental Presidents With Author Jared Cohen

Apr 16, 2019

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Host Mike Collins sits down with author Jared Cohen to learn about the eight men who accidentally became unelected presidents. We hear about their successes and failures in the office and to what they meant to the country.

In Jared Cohen’s new book Accidental Presidents, he takes a look at the eight men who came into office without ever being elected to it. Throughout the book, Cohen explores how the character of the man in the president’s seat has to the power to affect the nation and the world.   Of the eight, only half were reelected. That doesn’t mean that their presidencies were inconsequential. Quite the contrary is true. Most had an impact on the country during their time in office both good and bad. Jared Cohen has written a book about them to help us understand the limits of the presidency during critical times 


Jared Cohen, author, Accidental Presidents