Charlotte Talks: There's A New Sheriff In Mecklenburg

Jan 7, 2019

Monday, Jan. 7, 2019

On his first full day in office, Sheriff Garry McFadden celebrated with immigrant activists as he formally ended the 287(g) immigration screening program.
Credit Nick de la Canal / WFAE

Mecklenburg County's new sheriff, Garry McFadden, quickly went to work ending cooperation with federal immigration screening. He joins Mike Collins to discuss his plans for this next chapter in McFadden's long law enforcement career.

Within hours of taking office in early December, Sheriff Garry McFadden ended his agency's 12-year agreement with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to screen for illegal immigrants who've entered the jail system.

McFadden campaigned on pulling the plug on the 287(g) program as he defeated incumbent sheriff Irwin Carmichael in the May Democratic primary. He also opposed Carmichael's switch to video-only jail visits, and he was critical of the use of solitary confinement for juvenile inmates.

His election was part of a wave of African-Americans being elected to sheriff's posts in North Carolina's largest urban counties. 

A month into the job, McFadden discusses his more than three-decade career in law enforcement, and his plans for the sheriff's office.


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