Charlotte Talks: UNC President Margaret Spellings On Her First Two Years, DeVos, School Shootings

Mar 19, 2018

Monday, March 19, 2018

Margaret Spellings talks about her first two years as president of the University of North Carolina system and more.

Margaret Spellings just marked two years as president of the University of North Carolina system. She came into office amid sharp criticism and protests over her appointment. Spellings says those critics have fallen by the wayside and she's out to highlight her successes as president thus far.

We'll talk with her about the state of the UNC system, her efforts to keep college affordable, and match curriculum with the talent needs of a modern economy. Also, following last week's student walkouts protesting gun violence in response to the Florida school shooting, we discuss how to secure campuses and keep students safe.

We also ask her about Betsy DeVos, US Secretary of Education, a position she held under President George W. Bush. Spellings supported President Trump's appointment of DeVos, but in her first year, the Ed Secretary has become a lightning rod in Washington, coming under fire for some of her positions on hot button issues like school choice, sexual assault, and school safety. Mike Collins sits down with UNC President Margaret Spellings to talk about that and much more.


Margaret Spellings - President of the University of North Carolina system and Former US Secretary of Education