Charlotte Talks: WFAE's Latest Podcast, Amplifier

Sep 12, 2018

Wednesday, September 12th 2018

On the next Charlotte Talks, we go behind-the-scenes of “Amplifier,” WFAE’s new podcast examining the Charlotte music scene to explore the flavor and variety of that music and how the podcast puts it all out there for listeners.

WFAE’s latest podcast "Amplifier" started daily episodes last week.

The podcast takes a look at various parts of the Charlotte music scene- the venues, the musicians, and the other people who make local music happen here.

We’ll catch up with host Joni Deutsch about just what she’s finding as she explores the Charlotte Music Scene. We’ll also meet the subjects of two of her podcasts, Hope Nicholls, who was featured in episode 1, and John Tosco, who will celebrate the 30th year of his Tosco Music Party series this weekend.


Joni Deutsch, WFAE’s on demand content and audience engagement producer. She’s the host of WFAE’s new podcast, Amplifier, which focuses on local music.

Hope Nicholls, longtime Charlotte musician currently with the band It's Snakes

John Tosco, creator of the Tosco Music Party, celebrating 30 years this weekend