Charlotte Talks: What To Expect With Mecklenburg County's 2019 Property Revaluation

Nov 27, 2018

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A home in Charlotte's Cherry neighborhood.
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What to expect as Mecklenburg County undertakes property revaluation, the first in 8 years. This process didn’t go well last time, but they say improvements have been made. Still, what could your tax bill look like? We examine that.

Chances are your property value has gone up in recent years as the Charlotte area continues to experience a hot real estate market. Mecklenburg County is undergoing its first property revaluation in eight years and the new values are set to take effect in 2019.

Residents will receive a notice of their new property value in January, with bills going out in the summer. But a higher valuation doesn't necessarily mean a higher tax bill – the county commission and city council will have to set new tax rates next year.

The last time the county went through a revaluation in 2011, it didn't go so well. It turned into a massive ordeal, ultimately leading to a second revaluation and the county reimbursing property owners around $100 million.

Mecklenburg County tax assessor Ken Joyner

This time around, the county says they have made improvements to the process and they ensure it will go much more smoothly. We talk with the county tax assessor about what to expect with the upcoming 2019 revaluation and answer your questions about the process.


Ken Joyner, Mecklenburg County Tax Assessor

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