Charlotte Talks: Work From Home ... Forever?

Jun 24, 2020

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, much of America’s workforce has gone virtual. Working from home took a little getting used to at first. Now it’s working so well that some believe this could become a permanent fact of life. How long might working from home last?  

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Since the coronavirus forced us into social distancing, much of America’s workforce has gone virtual.

For the vast majority of Americans, working from home has been a new phenomenon, and took a little getting used to.

Most of us thought in the beginning that our new virtual workplace would be temporary -- that we’d eventually make it back into our offices, cubicles and conference rooms. That we’d have daily contact – in person - with our co-workers. But now, many workers— and employers -- are saying it’s working so well that maybe the virtual workplace should be permanent.

How long will “work from home” last?

What might a return to the office look like post-quarantine?

We take a look at what’s happening at some companies, and how making “work from home” permanent can be beneficial - or harmful -  to workers.


Dr. Chasity Adams, licensed psychologist in private practice in Charlotte 

Trisha Ridenour, director of human resource services, The Employer’s Association of Charlotte

Brigid Schulte, director of the Better Life Lab at New America, former staff writer for the Washington Post