Charlotte Will Likely See More Rain Wednesday

Jul 25, 2018

Charlotte should expect to see another round of storms today. More rain is likely this afternoon with a chance of some localized flooding.  Some areas in Charlotte have seen as much as 4 inches of rain over the past 24 hours.

The National Weather Service says Iredell and Rowan County could also see some localized flooding. However, there’s no flood advisory in effect for the Charlotte region as of Wednesday morning.

Heavy rainfall triggered flooding yesterday at a business near Little Sugar Creek. The Charlotte Fire Department had to use a boat to rescue five people at Top Price Recycling near Atando Avenue after waters were high enough to submerge nearby cars. The department says a clogged storm drain is to blame for the flooding.

The North Carolina coast is getting higher than usual rainfall.  According to the Wilmington Star News, forecasters say the Cape Fear area has seen twice the normal amount for this time of year. The Outer Banks has gotten at least six inches of rain since the weekend and forecasters say several more inches could fall by tomorrow.  Standing water has been reported on sections of Highway 12 which runs the length of the Outer Banks as well as on many secondary roads.