CMPD Screens Out-Of-Town Officers For DNC

Aug 24, 2012

Charlotte will be importing about 1,600 police officers for the Democratic National Convention. That'll double the city's police force. The officers will come from other cities throughout North Carolina as well as Atlanta and Washington DC. Speaking at WFAE's Public Conversation last night, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Attorney Mark Newbold said the CMPD is screening those officers. "There are certain requirements that an officer can't have any civil rights violations in the last three years where they've been found to violate first amendment rights. There's restrictions onyou can't just bring a rookie down here," said Newbold. Newbold says the officers coming from out-of-town are taking online classes to train them on how to handle crowds. CMPD officers are also receiving several hours of classroom training. According to Newbold, police officers will bear the brunt of protecting the city. The Secret Service's focus will be the security perimeter around convention sites and keeping the president and delegates safe.